Team Coaching

Team coaching : revealing the system to itself


The relationship is the foundation of any society; the relationship with oneself, the relationship with others and the relationship with the world.

 When two people enter into a relationship a system is formed. Your organization, your business, your leadership or management team constitute a system.

In any system the human is the raw material, and human resources are rich and varied.

However, like any resource, the human can be depleted.

It can be a tremendous renewable energy source, provided that its well-being and desire to work in a fulfilling environment allow it to rediscover meaning and coherence.

 With this in mind, and rather than practicing traditional individual work with the group, relationship coaching provides a systemic approach that allows work on a "third entity": the relationship between the members of the system.

In this, group coaching is different from personal coaching, and this difference makes it much more complex due to the number of individuals involved.

Whatever your employment, you always have relationships with others. Companies have to manage an increasing number of relationships including up and down the command chain, communication between different services, contacts with clients, team interactions and teamwork between colleagues.

Additionally, your clients and employees are also affected by family pressures and social interactions. All these contacts are based on the need for proficiency in relationships in order to succeed.

Research has demonstrated that if IQ is the best indicator for education, then social and emotional intelligence seems to be the best determinant for the level of relationship success, as well as for success in most professions.

Beyond emotional intelligence (relationship with oneself) and social intelligence (relationships with others), relational intelligence systems has focused on the relationship with the group, team or system in question.

As the relationship system coach, I rely on this relational intelligence system in order to reveal the system to itself, to give the team confidence in its resilience, creativity and commitment.

Why a team coaching ?

 A systemic approach to coaching the board and management teams within your organization can allow the team concerned to embody the dynamics of innovation and the success of your business.

The process of team coaching permits the development of a culture of teamwork and leadership that encourages initiative and responsibility. It enhances the spirit of research, innovation and creativity, and hence becomes a trigger to performance.

This collective performance, resulting from the combination of individual intelligences and collective intelligence, strengthens the relationships between individuals and creates a climate of trust and solidarity.

I offer coaching for your system, to enable you to identify your own solutions, implement them effectively to achieve an ecological operation, protecting the interests of all the system’s stakeholders.


 Your goals

. Establish or clarify a corporate vision.

. Promote and embody corporate values .

. Educate your staff about the importance of relationships and sharing.

. Develop strategies for growth and development.

. Greater efficiency through team bonding.

. Optimize the information sharing process.

. Better define and manage a project.

. Effectively manage a period of transition.

. Support a merger, acquisition or relocation.

. Develop management that is consistent and respectful of diversity.

. Negotiate necessary changes faster.