Dolphins in the Desert sarl


Dolphins in the Desert is a multidimensional company created by Nadine Bourneix with the aim of encouraging beings to find the path of independence and freedom in alignment with their values.

 Based in Casablanca, the company has focused on its development through missions and international contracts.

 Dolphins are known for being extremely intelligent and very sociable. How they interact with each other or with humans is a perfect metaphor that illustrates my work in supporting individuals, teams and organizations.

 This name is also intended to stimulate our imagination, suggesting that often the most beautiful aspects of our lives coincide with the invisible.

 The imagination is the visible manifestation of the invisible. This is the art of giving life to what does not exist and to what you would like to see happen.

 It is in our imagination that all desires, dreams, plans and the achievements of man are shaped.

Dolphins in the Desert