Cardiac coherence HeartMath

Seminar in the desert

The desert is unique in that it makes simple what at first glance seems complicated.

Ideas are transformed more easily than elsewhere into principles and beliefs, complex situations are seen from a different angle, individuals develop a unique bond between them, demonstrating the exercise of restraint, humility, non-judgment, tolerance, all the qualities necessary for the rules of socialization in group life.

The desert channels an energy full of resources. Its vastness allows talents and motivations to emerge, its brightness cultivates levity, and its silence teaches patience, one of life’s virtues that helps you listen to others and to respect them.

Day after day the desert demonstrates its qualities, and the arid landscape encourages you to set out to discover your Essential.


What I offer

How to make clear what is difficult and complex to undertake. How to take the time to explain ideas, generate resources and to develop your natural leadership while mobilizing your potential.

I use the desert, a place of enchantment, as a metaphor for the path which can reveal a system to itself, nourishing the collective intelligence of a group, and leading each individual towards discovering themselves.

It is a practical seminar, involving creativity, constellations, exchanges and sharing, sensory and corporal experiences (balance, walking silently, breathing and cardiac coherence) to establish relational coherence between individuals that go beyond professional goals.

When we abandon our fears and our defenses and dare to trust, we find the peace that provides access to our Essence.” Thierry Janssen

What is cardiac coherence ?

The concept of cardiac coherence comes from medical research in neuroscience and neuro-cardiology.

It appeared in the United States about fifteen years ago, and its beneficial impact on stress management was highlighted by the Institute of HeartMath.

Cardiac coherence is a particular state of heart rate variability that allows the autonomic nervous system and emotional management to be balanced.

The state of Cardiac Coherence is a regular fluctuation of heart rate (pulse) synchronized with the respiration.

This technique can be adopted by anyone based on daily exercises of continuous and steady conscious breathing, with attention focused on the breathing.

It allows internal regulation to be introduced into the person’s entire system to reduce the effect of disturbing negative thoughts, and to mechanically and automatically neutralize them without deliberate effort to manage the thoughts.

This also has many physiological, biological and psychological effects resulting in a particular state that allows you to rebalance and return to stability (normality) when there is a physiological disturbance induced by stress and anxiety.

For the mind, the emotions and the body to function optimally, the heart and the brain must be in harmony with one another. Thus the practice of cardiac coherence can introduce internal regulation into the person’s entire system.

Cardiac coherence teaches us how to align these two integrated but separate sources of intelligence.

This cognitive facilitation gives us the opportunity to be clear in our decisions, fluid in our thoughts and in control of our environment, to achieve rapid personal, interpersonal and social advancement.

Stress management

As the business world requires a great number of people, stress is a part of professional life.

The word "stress" actually refers to both the pressure of the environment and the reaction of the organism to that stress.

While it can be an important driving force for advancement in daily life, stress can become crippling if it is handled badly.

It is believed that 70-90% of all medical conditions treated are partly related to stress.

Stress is our body’s reaction to a new situation or threat and its consequences can be difficult to live with, including sleep disorders or back pain, leading to persistent fatigue and lack of concentration.

Stress comes in different forms for each of us, but once it does occur, stress creates an incoherent internal state activating our biological systems against each other, which in turn affects how we think and feel.

This incoherence means that our nervous system and our cardiac rhythm are out of sync, and our hormonal balance is compromised.

This is why incoherence has a negative impact on our health and reduces our ability to live a quality life, while coherence is the harmonization with what is essential to us.

It is therefore important to understand the stress process in order to prevent its negative effects, know how to cope better with the pressures of the environment, and to act in accordance with your values so that you can ​​ give your best.


 What I offer

As a PCC coach and Supervisor, certified in Cardiac coherence HeartMath, I study the objectives to be achieved by an organization and then implement stress management workshops combining coaching and biofeedback, team building and the search for meaning.

These activities are self-regulating depending on the demands of the participants, and the idea is for them to represent a bubble within the heart of the business dedicated to listening to people.

My approach focuses on awareness because reducing stress requires actions that are paradoxically difficult due to their simplicity: to act being conscious of what you are doing, to accommodate your emotions and that of others without judgment, to stop repetitive thoughts related to past or future.