My Journey

 As an ICF certified and accredited PCC relationship systems coach and a CSA Supervisor, I developed my expertise in the reevaluation of the human factor and relational intelligence within organizations, with 18 years experience in the Management of Human Resources in France and abroad.

 I coach executives, management teams, sports teams, high school graduates or anyone in search of meaning, coherence and motivation.

 I practice deeply human and ethical coaching, and I am committed to revealing passions, creating strong bonds and overcoming limits.

 Recognized for my ability to interact with people and my ability to awaken human potential, I am demanding with respect to mutual commitment and to establishing a stimulating environment so that the magic of the coaching can function.

 My current interests are the development of seminars to co-create a unique partnership with the groups based on reconnecting with oneself and with others.



PCC Executive & Team coaching

CSA Supervisor

ICF Mentor coach

Current position

. Relationship Systems Intelligence

. Executive coaching & Leadership 

. Individual and group Supervision


ICF French Coordinator

Peer Coaching Program 

Current position

.  Leading worlwide french community of coaches 

.  Alliances with french ICF chapters


ReciproCoach French Coordinator

Professional coaches platform

Current position 

.  Leading group supervision and group mentoring

.  Peer Coaching program

.  Alliances with Coaching Schools and coaching formations

.  Working with a worlwide community of french coaches 


Bio Energy . Reiki Master . Quantum Therapy

Consciousness development

Studies . Researches . Conferences

1998 - 2008

Reconnective Therapy

Cellular memories 

Cardiac coherence HeartMath 



Fashion Designer – Fashion shows and castings

France – Maroc

Février 1991 – Juin 1998

. Design, styling and organization of fashion shows

. Press and relationship management

. Radios - TV Broadcasts - Shows

. Advertising launches


Valentino Couture

Avril 1988 – Juin 1991

. Luxury fashion department

. Team management